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Access Visual Basic and Excel VBA Macros – A Comparison of the MS Office Programming Languages

Access Visual Basic and Excel VBA Macros – A Comparison of the MS Office Programming Languages

Similarities between Excel VBA and Access VBA

In theory it should be easy to switch from one MS Office VBA programming language to another, since all the underlying principles are the same. It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing VBA macros within Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint or Word, you’re still using:

– objects, collections, methods and properties

– variables (the DIM statement)

– IF conditions and loops

– message boxes and input boxes

– subroutines and functions

In fact, the only thing which is different is the object and collections defined within the application. So how hard can it be to switch from (say) Excel VBA to Access VBA? The answer, sadly, is… fairly hard. Here’s why!

Differences between Excel Visual Basic and Access Visual Basic

The main differences between the two programming languages are that Access supports two macro languages, doesn’t support recording, has two different ways to create Visual Basic macros, hides a lot of its functionality in the DoCmd object and has two separate object models. If that didn’t make much sense, worry not – the rest of this article will explain each of these points in turn.

Access has Two Macro Languages

This is a red herring. Microsoft Access has two separate languages for writing macros: one called macros, the other called either modules or Visual Basic. If you have any knowledge of VBA, you should ignore the first; it is provided for people who have no programming experience, and doesn’t support proper looping, error-handling and many other structures. So although the Access database window contains a MACROS tab, you should ignore this completely!

Access doesn’t Support Recording

Want to know how to colour a cell red with pink spots in Excel? If you can’t guess the macro command (unlikely), you can just record a macro and have a look at the resulting code. This is a vital aide-memoire even when you’re a VBA guru.

Access, on the other hand, doesn’t support recording – not even in the latest version at the time of writing, Access 2010. This is, to say the least, a shame (interestingly, while Word supports VBA recording, PowerPoint doesn’t any more: Microsoft removed the facility from version 2007 onwards). This means that you’re often forced to resort to Google, Microsoft help or phoning a friend to find out how to do something in Access VBA.

Two Different Ways to Write Macros in Access

Want to create a VBA macro in Access? To do this, you need to go to the VBA code editor. Strangely, you can do this in two different ways: either press ALT + F11 as normal, or click on the Modules tab in the database window and choose to create a new module. Why are there two different ways to do the same thing? Historical reasons, we think.

Access Uses the DoCmd Object for Many Commands

Access VBA is complicated (or simplified?) by the fact that about half the commands begin with DoCmd. For example:

DoCmd.OpenForm – to open a form

DoCmd.Maximize – to maximise a window

Features like this make Excel a far more logical programming language than Access.

Access has Two Separate Object Models

Excel is pretty self-contained (although if you’re creating your own dialog boxes, you’ll be using a separate applications called Microsoft Forms). Access, however, splits into two almost equal parts:

– tables and queries are part of the Access database engine

– forms, reports, macros and modules are part of the Microsoft Access application

Although you’ll probably only hit this complication when you get into advanced programming in Access, it’s another Access feature to muddy the VBA water.

In summary, then, we’d say that Excel macros are far more straightforward than Access ones. Added to this is the fact that it’s much quicker to learn Excel than it is to learn Access, and you get two unequal learning curves!…

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The Xbox 360 – It Could’ve Been a Contender

The Xbox 360 – It Could’ve Been a Contender

OK, I’m lying. The Xbox 360 IS a contender, and it will be for years to come.

The original Xbox was a smashing success, and the sequel, the Xbox 360, takes things a few steps further. The Xbox revolutionized gaming, but in the right hands, the 360 threatens to revolutionize the very notion of what a console system is for. A media player, a game console, a desktop computer, and more, the Xbox 360 is a unique and powerful tool.

Users of the 360 and it’s amped-up brother the Xbox 360 Elite can download movies, TV shows, and trailers, replacing the family DVD player for the evening and then running multiplayer Halo 3 or Call of Duty games over Xbox Live into the wee hours of the morning. The aspiring social butterfly can access Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter from the 360, and even the (gasp!) hardcore gamer geeks — who were responsible for the origninal Xbox’s explosion onto the market — can surf GameFAQs and lookup cheats and secrets from the same box that they’re about to optimize-and-powergame on.

Of course, all of that functionality would mean nothing if the 360 couldn’t produce games that were fun to play. With the ability to download arcade classics, simulated boardgames, and demos of upcoming software, the 360 is a quality gaming platform even without purchasing any game discs. The wireless controllers, wireless headsets, keyboard, mouse, webcam, dance mats that make up a small portion of the 360’s add-ons and extras add another dimension to the platform.

When Microsoft built the 360, they knew that they were working on the Manhattan Project of video gaming systems — but unlike Oppenheimer and his crew, they wanted EVERYONE to know about it. The hurricane of hype that came before the system hit the markets was enough to blow the competition away, at least for a while.

The software giant populated the two-year design phase of the 360 with press conferences, publicity meetings, announcements, and stealth promotion of rumors and conjecture. They made very public their choices for hardware, their recruitment of executives and other offers to the project, and more.

Even today, every high-profile game release comes with a storm of media attention, and Microsoft is milking it for all it’s worth. The 360 is expected to be Microsoft’s main gaming unit until at least 2011 if not 2012, giving it the longest proposed shelf-life of any gaming system in the current generation. That said, rumors abound of new Xbox 360 variants coming out in the near future, from the ‘Xbox skinny’, a thinner, lighter Xbox, to the ‘Xbox natal’, a completely controller-less system that reads your gestures and position.…

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Blue Screen Problems

Blue Screen Problems

Have you seen it? A bright blue background with stark white lettering that positively jumps out at the viewer. Computer technicians have nicknamed it the Blue Screen of Death, because it looks like the screens in airports that tell you when a plane is late. Blue screen problems have created havoc and headaches for computer users worldwide.

Doom? Does This Spell The End?

With any luck, the answer is no. You will be able to restore your computer to its previous functioning self, and will not have lost any important files, documents, or photos.

Usually a computer will shut itself down if it encounters blue screen problems, and then try to reboot and run diagnostics. Sometimes, this is all it takes. Your PC will fix itself and you will be off and running once again. However, if it keeps happening, know that you have a serious problem that has to be addressed if you want to continue using your computer.

How Critical is This

Very critical. A blue screen problem translates to a system error, and is generated by your computer’s operating system. Even Bill Gates received one while he was giving a demonstration of one of his Windows products. Talk about being red-faced!

The less you have altered your computer, the less likely you are to have blue screen. It is the constant adding, deleting, installing, and uninstalling of programs that often leads to this problem in the first place. If you are lucky, it might be the very last program you installed that is causing it. Getting rid of that program might eliminate blue screen problems for good.

What Can I Do To Prevent It From Happening?

First, document it. It does not matter if you are getting it on your home computer, you should still write everything down as clearly as you can. Why should you bother? Let’s be honest. You are probably going to get frustrated or nervous if you do not get your system up and running right away. Having clear notes of everything that was on the screen means you don’t have to rack your brain to remember exactly what it said.

The information you are copying down is actually extremely useful. Why? Because your computer is telling you what programs loaded and which ones did not, and where the error occurred. With this information, you will also be able to identify whether your blue screen problems have to do with hardware or software.

By rebooting your system into safe mode, you might be able to find the problem yourself. Safe mode is when your computer will run only a bare bones operating system, and only a limited amount of programs will be available. Sometimes you will be able to diagnose your problem right then and there.

With all the codes and information you copied down when it occurred, you can also search online for the meaning of each one. In addition, you might be able to eliminate your problem by reinstalling your OS, or operating system.

Many people have found this a fix for the issue, and have never had a Blue Screen Problems again.…

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Online Tech Support For PowerPC Problems

Online Tech Support For PowerPC Problems

In today’s gizmo world, PowerPC is one of the most widely used microprocessors. PowerPC is the short form of Performance Optimization With Enhanced RISC Performance Computing. As the name indicates, PowerPC processors are designed, based on Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC) architecture. This microprocessor was designed and developed by joint effort of Apple, IBM and Motorola engineers in 1991. Though initially it was developed for personal computers, but later the system designers started using this processor frequently for other applications, like embedded systems and video game consoles. Since the design of PowerPC was done based on IBM’s POWER architecture, there is a high level of compatibility between these two.

Brief History

The RISC architecture was conceived by the engineers, involved in IBM’s 801 project in mid 1970s. 801 based microprocessor was employed in a large number of IBM embedded systems. Later on, this processor was upgraded to 16 register ROMP processor, which was used in IBM 6150 Series workstations. Finally, in early 1990s the 64 bit POWER architecture was introduced in the RISC System/6000. During this time, IBM,Motorola and Apple joined hands to design and develop PowerPC processors. Once the PowerPC products were introduced in the market, they were received by the software vendors with enthusiasm. Microsoft developed Windows NT 3.51 for PowerPC based servers. Sun Microsystems came up with new version of Solaris, specially designed for PowerPC based systems. By mid 1990s, PowerPC was upgraded to match the performance of fastest x86 CPUs.

PowerPC Architecture

PowerPC processor is modeled on RISC architecture,which allows super-scalar implementation. There are two implementations of PowerPC. One is 32 bit and the other one is 64 bit. In addition to the double precision forms, single precision forms of some floating point instructions are supported. The 64 bit implementation is backward compatible with 32 bit implementation. The new memory management architecture of PowerPC is a paged one,which is widely used in server and desktop systems. For complicated design issues, IBM support providers render online round the clock PC support services.

Endian Modes

Both endian modes, i.e. big endian and little endian modes are supported by PowerPC. It is possible to switch from one mode to another during the run time. This could be done by modifying a bit in the Machine State Register(MSR). Another bit in the MSR allows the operating system to run in a different mode. Inverted Page Table could be accessed only in big endian mode. The default mode of PowerPC is big endian. To select a suitable mode for a particular requirement, the help from an experienced tech support provider should be taken.

PowerPC Versions

Launched in the market in 1992,PowerPC 601 was the first microprocessor to support 32 bit PowerPC instruction set. It was introduced in IBM Workstation RS/6000 and later used in Apple Power Macintosh. The second generation PowerPC processors were PowerPC 603 and PowerPC 604. PowerPC 603 was a low end processor, which was noteworthy because of its low cost and low power consumption. It was primarily designed for portable and embedded systems. The three power saving modes, namely doze, nap and sleep, reduced the power consumption drastically. For example, in sleep mode PowerPC 603 consumed only 2mW of power. In 1997, PowerPC 620 was launched with full implementation of the entire 64 bit PowerPC architecture.

Network Support For PowerPC Problems

Since PowerPC is a highly advanced microprocessor, many designers find it difficult to use it. The make the design process easy, Dell support providers render round the clock online computer support for PowerPC problems.…

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Products Offered at

Checking Out Medi-Dyne.Com

People who suffer from pain in the neck, back, or legs tend to spend a lot of time sitting down. A body that stays inactive will start to lose muscle and strength. Fat will also start to accumulate in the body. Back and leg pain can get worse when someone gains weight. Fighting the battle against chronic pain can feel impossible, but there are treatment options out there that are affordable. In some cases, preventative care can be the best way to fight back against chronic pain. Pain relief products and treatments affect people differently, which is why companies like Medi-Dyne can’t make special promises. However, there are many products you might enjoy.

Treating Back Pain

There are many reasons why people experience back pain. The problem could be caused by lifting heavy items. It is also to cause back pain by slouching all of the time. Making small corrections in your posture can prevent this problem. Another simple solution to back pain is to wear a brace. A back brace can provide your back the support it needs to lift items without intense pain. You can find a number of different models and brands of back braces when you go to Good old fashioned hot and cold compresses can also provide some relief from back pain. Compresses are not a long term solution, but they do work.

Treating Neck Pain

Neck pain also has many causes. In most cases, you will require therapies or braces to help with neck pain. You should consult with your doctor before starting a treatment routine or regimen. However, there are many products at that people can benefit from. Simple back braces can help correct your posture. You would be amazed by how much of a different good posture can make in the intensity of the back pain you experience. Shoulder pain and neck pain could possibly be related. Upper back supports or braces can also provide relief from shoulder pain, as well as neck and back pain. It is easy to see why braces and compresses make sense because of the science related to them.

Compression Sleeves and Gloves

Many people can benefit from wearing compression sleeves. People who have jobs in an industry that requires tedious and repetitive work may be prime candidates for compression sleeves or gloves. For example, someone who is on their feet all day might benefit from knee compression sleeves. People who use their hands may find the gloves to be a way to gain relief. The whole idea of the products offered by this specific company is to provide relief.

Most people go through life suffering in silence due to chronic pain. You can explore the various pain relief treatment options to find what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the available choices. What is effective for some people might not work for others. This is important to keep in mind when trying new treatments.…

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Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is the practice of keeping teeth, mouth, tongue and gums clean and health to prevent dental diseases. Oral hygiene in most people gets little to no attention albeit it is essential parts of our lives. Poor oral hygiene leads to tooth decay, gum diseases and more.

Today, I will focus on the two main oral diseases which are common in most families and are detrimental to health and has far-reaching effects in the mental development for the young children.

Tooth decay

Tooth decay commonly known as cavities is a common dental problem across the ages. They can cause a lot of pains in both children and adults if left untreated. In children for example; concentration in school will go down, they might even be forced to miss school because of severe pains caused by cavities. Children will face difficulty in class concentration which leads to poor class performance. If untreated for a long time, it can cause psychological challenges. Tooth decay or cavities are expensive to treat and without dental insurance policy, it can ground economic potential of families. To stay safe, families and individuals have to pay for dental plan insurance to avoid spending a lot of money in treating tooth decay when they occur. To find a good dental plan insurance that will cater for all your dental insurance needs, visit DentalPlans Insurance Reviews for the best offers and to see what others are saying about dental plans. This way you will be in a position to choose the best dental plan that will take care of all your family members’ dental needs when they arise.

Periodontal (gum) diseases

These are infections caused by bacteria under the gums tissues that slowly destroys the gum and gradually eats into the jawbones. Teeth become loose and chewing hardy food becomes a problem. They may finally necessitate extraction of the teeth. Gum diseases may be related to other damages elsewhere in our bodies, like oral infections, diabetes, strokes, preterm babies and low weight births.

Many families facing dental problems can’t afford dental treatment because of their economic conditions considering the cost of oral health care is expensive. Their lack of knowledge to pay for insurance premiums that covers oral health treatment when they arise is a problem that needs to be addressed by health department. A study conducted recently indicated that most people at one point in time will face oral health problem.

Here are some of the measures that can be taken to ensure good oral health of the children. I am addressing dental problem in kids because oral health problems takes toll on them often.

  1. Keep your kids far from regular snacking and concentrate on regular meals.
  2. Protect your kids with fluoride. You can use fluoride toothpaste after every meal as directed by the physician for toddlers
  3. Use dental sealants for your child’s dental protection from tooth decays
  4. Floss teeth regularly and especially after meals.
  5. Properly brush teeth after meals to eliminate food residues which can invite bacterial infection

Your teeth are supposed to remain pearly white all throughout your lifetime only if you take good care of them because they are beauty assets and at the same time part of the digestive mechanism.

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Is Shared Hosting A Good Choice For Bloggers?

Today, the easiest and most common way of sharing your thoughts with the world is via a blog.

The most basic thing that you will need is to buy web hosting to host your website and make it available to your potential visitors on the internet. Choosing the right web hosting can significantly impact your success in the digital world

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting, as the name suggests, is one where a single server is shared by multiple websites. All the server resources from CPU to RAM are shared between the customers based on their individual website hosting plans. You will also get access to features like email accounts, databases, FTP, and more. Shared Hosting is the easiest option to take your website online with minimal efforts and the least possible costs.

Before choosing the hosting service, you should determine whether you have monetary objectives from the blog, or it is simply a hobby. If it is only a hobby, you may find free platforms like attractive to your pursuit. For beginners, with monetary objectives, Shared Hosting could be an ideal option to test the waters and remain cost-effective. After a few weeks or months, if you find that Shared Hosting is not the best fit for you, you can either choose an upgrade or opt for a dedicated server.

Is Shared Hosting A Good Choice For Bloggers?

For new as well as established bloggers, the hosting service provider plays a key role in the success of blogs. Following are some considerations to look for while choosing the web host for blogging –

Uptime – If your blog site crashes, your reputation and your traffic take a beating. Uptime should, therefore, be closest to 100% (Just a marginal allowance under 0.5%).

Speed – You would expect your blogs to load fast to gain higher ranks by search engines and also to retain as well as delight your visitors.

Customer support – Customer support by the hosting service provider should be top class, and experts should always be available to resolve potential issues.

Security – A control panel access that allows you to perform regular updates and server maintenance is vital.  An SSL certificate, if offered by the web hosting service provider, will ascertain better security and even help in the SEO.

Considering the above requirements, Shared Hosting is the perfect option for bloggers who wish to thrust into an online presence with easy-to-use, affordable and safe hosting services. The reasons for this are –

  1. Affordable plans – As all the server resources, including RAM, CPU, and Bandwidth are shared among multiple users, the maintenance costs also get distributed. This offers bloggers an excellent hosting plan at low costs. Multiple Shared Hosting providers also offer additional services like multiple domain hosting, site builder software, SSL certification, etc. with the Shared Hosting plan.
  2. Good Customer support – The web hosting provider is responsible for maintaining the server systems. As there are multiple websites on a single server, most of which lack in-depth technical knowledge, Shared Hosting providers offer extensive technical support and prompt grievance resolution to the users. Bloggers can opt for plans with 24*7 dedicated customer service and technical support to ensure seamless hosting.
  3. Easy to upgrade – If your blog starts receiving a higher number of visitors, you can always upgrade to a dedicated server, Cloud Hosting, or VPS hosting. However, to begin your blogging career with these hosting plans would be an overkill and wasting financial resources on something that may not even be required. Instead, starting with the Shared Hosting plans and maybe upgrading them as you progress is the ideal path for bloggers.
  4. Easy to Use – A good Shared Hosting provider will offer its users with user-friendly site builder software, an interactive control panel, linking of the domain name with hosting account, multiple email accounts, ready statistics, marketing tools, etc. This makes using a Shared Hosting platform easy for bloggers with even limited technical skills and knowledge.

Shared Hosting ensures a rapid set-up, faster support and maintenance. It is comparatively user-friendly than VPS or cloud hosting. As we have seen earlier, it is the best affordable hosting option for beginners and semi-established bloggers. Unless you start receiving lakhs of visitors per month, Shared Hosting will be a good choice for you. Thus, Shared Hosting is the most convenient way to test the waters as you will save money while getting all the resources needed to run a blog successfully.