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An Insight About Microsoft Certification Preparation

An Insight About Microsoft Certification Preparation

Do you understand the importance of Microsoft Certification Preparation? This certification is essential for the perfect implementation of a Microsoft product or technology in a firm. Therefore, if you too require the certification for the successful implementation of business solution, hands on experience of the product is of high importance. You can acquire certification and training through a variety of free online training centers available across the web. These sites offer study guides, tuitions for certification as well as practice tests to achieve the Microsoft certification with ease.

The Microsoft Certification is required in numerous fields of Information Technology. Some of the common certifications include: Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP), and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS). You too can increase your credentials by undergoing the IT Certification Training and manifest your ability for the best performance. The Microsoft Certification Preparation would help you to enhance your knowledge about the Microsoft technologies. The certification would help you in widening your career opportunities. The certificate aids as a tool to establish as an IT specialist specializing in a particular set of Microsoft technologies. So, do you have an idea about an array of Microsoft Certification? They include Microsoft Certified Database Administrator. The professional holding this certification possess the necessary skill set to render support to all those running Windows XP. Fortunately, Microsoft Certification is now available not only through physical classes, but even through online classroom.

The other certifications like Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) will act as a booster to your career. Nevertheless, a capable IT professional is very well able to manage as well as troubleshoot the programs running on the Windows OS. Microsoft Certification Preparation is easy with the aid of MCSA which specializes in the management, maintenance and shielding of Microsoft. You can take study courses and online books from an array of websites available on the web. These sites offer an in-depth knowledge about certification procedure, study material and more. These sites will provide you abundant certification material to prepare for the certification in as less time as possible. Enhancing your career graph and availing the certification has become a cake walk with the help of these sites.

So what are you waiting for? Type in your query regarding Microsoft Certification Preparation on the Google search engine and find your answers. Your search will lead you to the finest service provider offering extensive study material which is easy to understand. You can choose either the online free or paid certification materials according to your personal choice. These centers are highly renowned for their top notch study material so that the users can benefit tremendously. A smart step on your part can benefit you greatly in the long run. Interestingly, the study material is prepared with the aid of some of the finest industry professionals who have years of experience to their credit. These firms also provide round the clock technical support to their customers. You can download all the study material in PDF format and use according to preference!…

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Microsoft Office 2010 – The Best New Features in Word

Microsoft Office 2010 – The Best New Features in Word

Word has become the standard for creating and formatting documents of all types from simple letters to documents with a table of contents, index and glossary. Word has made the task of creating and editing documents easy. Tools like spell check and thesaurus have made us look smart and polished. Thankfully, long gone are the days of typewriters, carbon paper and correction fluid.

Word 2010 has bold new features to enhance your document-formatting. It also bundles mobile features so you can take your documents with you almost-anywhere. With just a little practice, you can impress everyone with content-rich, visually compelling, professional documents for home, school or work.

Add flair to your documents and get noticed!

Transform with photos – New and improved photo-editing tools let you transform pictures right in Word 2010. You don’t have to edit your photo in another program and then insert into Work. Change color saturation, brightness, and contrast to make more appealing images. Add borders, shadowing and effects to turn a simple Word document into a work of art.

Turn text into visual effects – Add more visual impact with enhanced text effects and SmartArt graphics. Make bullet-points using images or your company logo. Add text effects like shadow, glow, reflection, and 3-D. It is easy and only takes a few clicks. From Font, choose Text Effects and make your choice.

Work with anyone – anywhere, anytime

Easily co-author documents – Word 2010 redefines the way people can work together on one document. With co-authoring, you can edit at the same time as others, even if you’re working from different locations, and keep versions in sync with version control.

Access your information from more places – Microsoft Word Web App is an online companion to Microsoft Word. It is browser-based so you just need an Internet connection and your computer. It has the same look-and-feel as Word 2010 with some of the same formatting and editing tools.

Microsoft Word Mobile 2010 gives you a lightweight editor for your documents that’s especially designed for easy use on your Windows phone.

Take your desktop publishing and document creation to the next level. Use your creativity and look like a pro, with the easy tools bundled into Word. Use the documents you create, to jazz up your blog, eNewsletters and social media sites.

For more technical notes and information go to: …

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Exam 70-620 – MCTS Windows Vista Certification Exam Objectives and Guidelines

Exam 70-620 – MCTS Windows Vista Certification Exam Objectives and Guidelines

Exam 70-620 is one of the Microsoft’s certification examinations and the name of this examination is MCTS Windows Vista certification. This certification will suit best to the candidates who wish to gain skills and knowledge on validating efficiently to install, manage as well as configure windows Vista operating system in any level enterprise environments. This examination is also helpful to the IT professionals to upgrade their skills to the windows Vista operating system. Successful completion of this examination will help the candidates to earn Microsoft certified technology specialist certification in this configuration.

Requirements And Job Roles For This Examination:

This examination will target the IT professionals who have work experience or knowledge in solving issues in the network connectivity, desktop operating system and other issues related with desktop applications. Candidates can get several job opportunities in the top companies after certifying with this examination. Some of the job roles include: technical support specialists, network administrators, system administrators and system analysts etc.

Exam Objectives:

The following are the exam 70-620 objectives and they are:

1) Network connectivity configuration

2) Windows security features configuration

3) Upgrading as well as installing windows vista

4) Troubleshooting as well as configuring the mobile computing

5) Configuring the applications that are included in windows vista

6) Optimizing as well as maintaining systems that run windows vista

7) Troubleshooting and configuring post installation system settings

Other Details:

Exams can be registered in Pearson VUE centers or in online through Pearson VUE website by paying the fee. The exam comprises of 70 questions with 120 minutes time duration and no adaptive or case study type questions. Only multiple choices, drag- drop, built a tree, reorder type questions are asked. Minimum score to pass in the exam is around 700 out of 1000 (70%).…

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Open Source Software for Windows – Open Office

Open Source Software for Windows – Open Office

When it comes to every computer, no matter what the user’s needs are almost everyone has similar needs in common; an office suite of tools. Microsoft Office, being the leader of this field, is found on almost everyone’s computer, be it the free trial version or a fully licensed suite. Of course this software is great for filling our word processing, presentation and various other work type needs, but the one thing that is less then desirable about it is the price tag. If you’re looking to get a hold of a copy of Microsoft Office 2010 be prepared to pay 160 dollars for the home/student version and upwards of 700 dollars for the professional. In my honest opinion that is far too much… for ANY software. There are, of course, ways to Microsoft Office for free, but if pirating and breaking the law aren’t you cup of tea why not look into open source software for Windows?

Open Office is a suite of software that offers tools as counter parts to each individual program in Microsoft Office’s suit but for the price point of completely and totally free. Open Offices suit of software include Writer (Word), Calc (Excel), Impress (Power Point), Base (Access), Draw (Publisher and Visio) and Math (Equation Editor).

Open Office was a God send for me during my college years. I had just bought a new laptop and required all of the office tools to do my school work; unfortunately all my new laptop came with was the trail version of the software suite. Once that had run out I was left to my own devices to find a suitable office suite of tools. Before I went the route of piracy I decided to do a little research into open source answers to my question and low and behold, I found Open Office. Because Open Office’s output files had full compatibility, none of my professors had any issues with opening files I sent them.

Open Office is definitely one of my most used pieces of open source software for Windows. With excellent software, and at the price point of free, how can you go wrong?…

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Dealership Technology – Solution or Problem?

I was recently visiting with a dealer in southeastern Pa., and we were discussing his new database management program. I was interested in what it did, and he was more than happy to tell me. He said “This program completely takes my salespeople out of any and all follow-up with my customers!” Knowing how turnover in sales can dramatically affect a dealership’s long-term sales, I didn’t think much of it at that moment.
As I was driving back to the office, I thought about what he had said again… “This program completely takes my salespeople out of any and all follow-up with my customers!” It was at that moment I realized that maybe too much is TOO MUCH!
Why do most sales technologies distance the customer from the actual HUMAN BEING in the dealership? Is that REALLY what we need in our business? Did I miss the memo about keeping customers and salespeople as far apart as possible?
In fairness, there are MANY wonderful tools available through many fine companies. But there is a point where you need to consider whether technology is a solution or a problem. In my opinion, that point is where you find yourself substituting technology for actual sales. Actual sales – you know – the process of one human being transferring excitement about a product or service to another human being – resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship.
Do you want a computer selling to your customers? Do you want a customer buying from an interactive software program or DVD? Remember when you had a big ugly VCR in your finance office? I once asked a finance manager what it was there for, and he told me it was a credit insurance presentation on videotape. I asked how it was working for him, and he just laughed and said “How do you think?”
Working in F&I development allows me a certain amount of understanding of what will work and what will not. If a dealer wants to have a highly productive F&I department, there is no secret in how to accomplish the task: Hire the best people on the best pay-plan with the best desk procedures imaginable. Train those people and hold them accountable.
If you are a dealer that is only interested in F&I as a service you provide your customers to make their purchase convenient, and not necessarily an important profit center, technology based sales programs will work wonders for you. But if you are looking for F&I to provide important income to your bottom line… think PEOPLE FIRST… and save your money on anything that claims to sell your customer with technology.…

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A Better Understanding of Touch Screen Technology

Who would have ever thought in their wildest dreams that we would have advanced to have Touch Screen Technology. Some of you may be wondering what that exactly is? Touch Screen Technology can be defined in its simplest form as technology that can sense and feel touch within the display area. Examples of touch screen technology include; ATM’s, Kiosks, Medical Devices, Car DVD’s, and PDA’s. These are all common things that many of us use throughout our day to day lives. However, what if you’re not that familiar with it, and you or your business is in the market to take full advantage of this technology? You could and should be wondering where do you go from here in order to find the right kind of Touch Screen Technology that fits your wants and needs?
Many factors will come into play when searching for the right kind of Touch Screen Technology, such as; what do you need it for, what size screen do you need and who is going to be using it? That’s why it’s important to understand that with this Technology that you should list out the specifics of product usage to a tee. The reason being is that there are so many important and key details that can and will put you ahead of the game, when it comes to have a greater breadth and depth of product knowledge. Also, since this is generally a market where most people are unfamiliar with the technology, it’s good to stay one step ahead of the game, to avoid being scammed or being talked down to.
The main thing to remember is that Touch Screen Technology can be useful for both personal and professional use because it has a great many conveniences, features, and attributes that are extremely beneficial from an all around perspective. Although, it is important to remember to do your homework and that you can always learn something and learn more when it comes to this Technology. By understanding this technology you can truly optimize it for your businesses or for your personal usage, and that is truly worth the investment.…

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Free Registry Cleaners Or Paid Software – Which One is Best?

There are many registry cleaners available online for you to download; each of them has its own unique features that offer different benefits for your computer. They can be accessed as freeware, or paid software. With so many products to choose, sometimes it becomes hard for you to select which among them is the best software for your computer. Your first challenge is to decide if a free registry cleaner is enough for you; or you need to get a paid software to enjoy its full benefits.
Even then, choosing which among them is still a challenge considering that most of the websites that feature registry cleaners have well-laid sites full of positive feedbacks, testimonials, awards, and endorsements telling you that they have the best product for you. Although, some may also show their reviews which also has some negative comments; but most often, they are overshadowed by influx of many positive ones.
However, regardless of what all these registry cleaner websites may place on their ads and other promotional materials, there will always emerge as the most downloaded paid and free registry cleaners on the internet. We shall make a brief review of each one of them:
Commercial Registry Cleaners:
1. Registry Mechanic- Well known for its powerful capacity to wipe out enormous numbers of errors by digging deeper into Windows registry, Registry Mechanic becomes popular today with more users fully impressed on the great improvement on performance of their computers after they run this software.
2. RegCure- this software has received a lot of positive feedbacks and reviews from many well satisfied customers. Back by an excellent after sales service and good customer support, Regcure is considered as one of the best-selling registry cleaner today.
3. Registry Easy- Another popular product that effectively eliminate errors which competitor softwares were not able to do. Registry easy is popular for being able to detect and fix errors made by flawed installation of softwares.
Free Registry Cleaners
1. CCleaner- This is one of the most downloaded freeware that effectively cleans your registry and improve the performance of your computer. It is easy to use and loaded with excellent features to enhance the speed. Although, you don’t compare its performance to its paid counterparts, but this one is definitely great as free software.
2. Easy Cleaner- this freeware gain reputation for being able to wipe out many computer errors; thus greatly improving the speed of computers. With simple feature which makes it easy to use, many users prefer Easy Cleaner to improve the performance of their computers.
The decision still lies on you; choose which one is best for your specific needs. You may first download a free registry cleaner and check if you are satisfied on how it does in improving your computer’s performance. If you are unhappy with the result, then go for the paid ones.…