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Why Work With ASP.NET

Why Work With ASP.NET

Organized, reliable and support oriented platform development languages are hard to find in the current state of the web, as more and more development tools shift towards the open source community. Which is not an overall downgrade to the software quality, but companies that need a liable software program also need a guarantee for their investments. It all comes to down to whether the company is searching for cheap and non-reliable software development tools, putting all their hopes in their development team, or if they are willing to pay that extra cost for a bulletproof program.

is one of those sound development tools that comes with a thorough customer support center and a liability clause that has the added benefit of securing the programming efforts of the in house development team, in the sense that the bought software can be replaced or tweaked in any way the company prefers. Customized versions for financial management for example, are available on the spot, as officials from the providing company are authorized and ready to supply all needed assistance.

The Microsoft developing platform also offers programmers access to a complete and updated database, with thorough documentation, a lot of innovative and useful features for building dynamic web pages and applications. framework is OOP built, offering improved code management and producing faster web apps by using an optimized compiled code. Supporting more than 25 coding languages, like C++, C#, JScript and Visual , developers have an easier time working in a programming environment while still having access to features from other supported languages.

comes with the Visual IDE, which combines a series of powerful tools for databases, web design, debugging thus saving plenty of time for developers to focus on programming only, and not search for various third-party tools.

The new version 4.0 will be released in March, 2010, and it will bring developers the new 2010 Visual Studio, which includes new features in the Microsoft Ajax Library, while also improving the existing functionality, like output caching and session-state storage. All these features make the wise decision for a development platform that can offer plenty of resources and the most extensive database of built-in tools, while still offering companies quality assurance.…

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Exchange Hosting Explained

Exchange Hosting Explained

The Microsoft Exchange Server is a powerful business software that is used to provide secure business communications, facilitate business management. This great software is used by thousands of successful businesses, mainly because of its ability to simplify communications and enhances business productivity. Exchange hosting includes Microsoft Exchange Server preinstalled on the web server, ready to be used for no extra cost. Microsoft Exchange Email hosting is ideal for business owners that would like to take advantage of Microsoft Exchange Server, without having to spend hundreds of pounds on the software. The information below outlines the benefits of Windows Exchange hosting.

Windows Exchange Hosting Features

The main benefit of Windows Exchange Email Hosting Plans is that you will get access to a fully functional copy of Windows Exchange Server, as well as the server resources the software needs. You will be able to Co-ordinate and streamline work flow with advanced features, including group meetings, message threads, real time Outlook Web Access (OWA) synchronisation, and automatic grouping of a domain’s global address book between mailboxes. Windows Exchange hosting should come with comprehensive support with the use of software and server management assistance. Windows Exchange hosting comes with a huge bandwidth and 4GB storage, providing easy transmission of large amounts of data.

Save money with Windows Exchange Hosting

Setting up a Windows Exchange solution yourself can be quite costly. First, you have to purchase a license of Microsoft Exchange Server, and install it on your Web server. To install Microsoft Exchange Server software, you would need to have access to a dedicated or virtual private server hosting solution, which is considerably more expansive than a Microsoft exchange hosting service. Microsoft exchange hosting costs around A�10 per month, per mailbox. To warrant investing the money for a dedicated Web server and a license of Microsoft Windows exchange you would need around 150 employees / mailboxes to make it worthwhile.

Excellent Reliability

Hosted Solutions are should be housed in state of the art data centers, which are manned 24/7/365, and you should expect your Exchange email hosting to be backed up every night and be totally secure. In order to prevent unauthorised or accidental distribution of data, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 includes a wide range of information protection and control features. These features enable administrators to fine tune policies so that the right level of control is automatically applied to each message based on specific senders, recipients, content and other factors.

Free Outlook 2010

Many Hosting Providers will give Outlook 2010 free with the Exchange Hosting Plan. With Microsoft Outlook 2010 you can easily Stay connected with premium email and calendar tools. Outlook 2010 is the most powerful way to manage your personal and business email and organise your time and increase productivity. Advanced features include email conversation management, the ability to combine multiple email accounts, synchronisation with your mobile phone, common task automation and the ability to engage with your social networks through Outlook.…

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Microsoft Windows XP Registry Cleaner – The Efficiency Mileage

Microsoft Windows XP Registry Cleaner – The Efficiency Mileage

To upgrade your computer’s operational performance and condition is to conduct a registry repair for your Windows XP operating system. This will improve your PC’s performance rating up to 50% as long as a reliable Microsoft windows XP registry cleaner is used in the process.

You are just a step away by simultaneously pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and it opens a Window Task Manager menu. Follow it up by looking at the portion on performance tab where it provides data regarding your processor’s current speed and the usage percentage of your PC as your baseline.

Notice that if your computer usage shows more than 35% while there’s no other program running, this indicates that your PC is rather slow. This condition tells you to upgrade the current condition of your CPU. As mentioned earlier, the registry cleaner can do the job efficiently for you.

Junk files, errors, redundant files, and unwanted items cause a lot of problems to your PC and result to slow speed performance. In addition, it exposes your computer to viruses gathered from all those trash. When this happens, you can remedy the problem by employing a Microsoft windows XP registry cleaner operation. The software comes handy in eliminating these threats and the possible habitation of viruses.

A reliable source of information of various products helps you acquire the specific software compatible for your computer. Having the right choice of registry cleaner program will improve the performance level of your CPU. It minimizes its usage to 5% or up to 10% rate which is acceptable.

Detection of unwanted programs is an added feature. Some registry cleaners go as far as Trojans identification. Invalid files and other viruses will get detected and can be queued for eradication.

These are the factors to consider when you initiate to use the Microsoft windows XP registry cleaner. You should be provided with enough data with regards to the scope covered during the upgrading process and with what other tasks it is designed to perform and deliver. However, such factors depend highly on the distinct characteristic of the product you choose to purchase.

You can choose from free programs offered on websites but the risk of downloading viruses goes along with it. This is the risk you will need to take. There is also that possibility that a promotional software can be acquired at your local computer store.

Here are some useful suggestions;

1. Arm yourself with a thorough knowledge of all the products and its various types available in the market

2. Sort it out and select the top three ( 3 ) selling or most used popular product or brand

3. Read the features thereon the label of each product

4. Determine its compatibility to your PC

5. Seek the advice of friends, professional users and from other reliable technical associations or organization

Using these tips, you can never go wrong in choosing the right Microsoft windows XP registry cleaner for your computer. Computer performance will soon be a thing in the past. As a user, you should also maintain its status with regular cleaning and upgrades.…

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Get In Touch With Your Creative Side Using Microsoft Office

Get In Touch With Your Creative Side Using Microsoft Office

Not that long ago, the only way to get high-quality, professional materials was through a graphic designer. Printing was a complicated, expensive process that was left to the print shops. Each project required assembling pictures, graphics and content that was camera-ready.

Today, we have access to everything needed to make agency-quality marketing materials with full-color and amazing graphics. Brochures, mailers and newsletters can be printed on-demand or in the perfect quantity to reducing waste and keep the offering fresh. To save more and reach the online audience, electronic files are brilliant and easy to distribute. If you have an idea, a good eye and the right tools, you can make magic.

Microsoft Office offers the right tools with its Office 2010 Suite of Applications. Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher provide improved and enhanced features for creating and publishing. Many of the features are cross-platform so you can learn a skill in one application and use it in another. There are a host of classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced users that can be taken in a classroom environment or online depending on your best learning method. Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and others offer free, online classes that are perfect for the self-learner.

Word is the standard for creating and formatting documents of all types from simple letters to documents with a table of contents, index and glossary. It makes the task of creating and editing documents easy. Tools like spell check and thesaurus make us look smart and polished. New and improved photo-editing tools let you transform pictures right in Word 2010 – no extra software needed. Change color saturation, temperature, brightness, and contrast to turn a simple Word document into a work of art. Turn text into visual effects with enhanced text effects and SmartArt graphics. Change basic bullet-points into compelling visuals and add text effects like shadow, glow, reflection, and 3-D in just a few clicks. With co-authoring, you can edit at the same time as others, even if you’re working from different locations, and keep versions in sync with version control. This is a great way to eliminate typos (ever used a there for their or your for you’re?) by having others review your work for content and correctness.

PowerPoint is not just for presentations, it also makes a great coordinating tri-fold or handout. Use the same theme for marketing materials that you can leave with the prospect to reinforce your message and offering. Creating your presentation in PowerPoint allows you to gather all your thoughts and ideas in one tool. You have many slide choices and can move, cut, paste and organize to create a coherent flow of information without leaving the program. Adding graphics, diagrams, video and sound is easier than ever.

Excel graphs, charts and sparklines explain trends and comparisons with strong visuals. Whenever numbers are involved, visuals are powerful tools to simplify the message and give at-a-glance significance. Use sparklines to graphically display data in a single cell. You can display data in line, column or win/loss format to highlight trends.

Publisher helps you create eye-catching brochures, newsletters, postcards, greeting cards and email messages. With the built-in and online templates, you can find a style for any publication. The prebuilt building blocks give an assortment of page parts like sidebars, stories and columns for creating professional newsletters and case studies. Add calendars, borders and advertisement blocks for community or school newsletters. Stunning graphics and images are easily added and use OpenType typography for expert typesetting effects.

Get your creative juices flowing! Experiment with different looks and practice with different styles. Start with a concept and use Microsoft Office 2010 to create brilliant, flawless materials for your home, school or business.

For more technical notes and information go to: …

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Microsoft Word Not Responding? Here’s What You Can Do!

Microsoft Word Not Responding? Here’s What You Can Do!

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular text editors in the world, which comes loaded with hundreds (and thousands) of handy features. But, just as every coin has a flip side, MS Word comes with its own share of troubles; here’s more insight to the Microsoft Word Not Responding bug.

You may often encounter situation when MS Word freezes and you see just an error message on the top of the menu bar that reads “Microsoft Word Not Responding”, with an hour glass that never stops running. In such cases, you’ve no choice but to terminate the Word application through task manager and re-launch it again.

Sometimes, this may lead to loss of unsaved data (in most cases, Word will recover the file that you’re editing when it crashed), though far worse, the application may tend to exhibit the same behavior over and again. This may be mainly due to some of the third party apps, which cause Word to crash. So, the first and the foremost thing that you need to do is to disable all the third party plug-ins and launch Microsoft Word in Safe Mode with no add-ons (or plug-ins).

Having done that, you’re good to go and finish off whatever you were doing and save your work. Now, you can start activating plug-ins one after the other, and check the effect every time. After activating one of the plug-ins, you’ll encounter the same problem again, and this is how you’ll be able to identify the culprit.

There may be several reasons behind the “MS Word not responding” bug, though the add-ons, and plug-ins are known to be the biggest troublemakers.…

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You Can Save Time With These Computer Shortcuts – Part 1

You Can Save Time With These Computer Shortcuts – Part 1

Are you as busy as me? At the end of the day does your “stack” look bigger than it did in the morning? Yea, we all have more to do in a day than we have hours to do it. So I’m always on the hunt for ways to cut my time and still accomplish the task.

Today I’ll begin a short series of posts where I’ll share some computer shortcuts that will drastically cut the amount of time you spend doing just the basic daily tasks. You can print these out and put them near your computer for a handy reference until they come second nature to you.

These are just some basic shortcuts.

Functions Keys or F Keys (not all F keys have a function)

F1= Universal help key (this works for most Windows programs)

F2= Used to highlight a file or icon in Windows

F3= Used to search for files or folders

F4= Opens a “Find” window

F5= Refresh your screen

F6= Automatically moves your curser to the address bar in Firefox and Internet Explorer

F7= turns Caret Browsing on or off. This feature places a moveable cursor in web pages, allowing you to select text with the keyboard. And is used for spell checking in Microsoft Office products

F8= Access to the Windows Start-up Menu (safe mode)

F9= Initiates the Send and Receive function in Microsoft Outlook

F10= Activates the Menu Bar in Windows applications

F11= Full screen access in most browsers

F12= Activates the Save As screen in Microsoft Office,

Other Shortcuts:

Home key = Go to the beginning of the current line

Ctrl Home = Go to the beginning of a document

End = Go to the end of a current line

Ctrl End = go to the end of a document

Shift Home = highlight from the current position to the beginning of the line

Shift End = Highlight from the current position to the end of a line

Ctrl A = Select all

Ctrl X = Cut selected

Ctrl C = Copy selected

Ctrl V = Paste selected

Ctrl Z = Undo

Atl Tab = Switch between all open windows (thanks to my son Cory for this one!):)

Atl Shift Tab = Switch backwards between open windows

Ctrl Alt Del = Open Task manager to reboot or close non-responding programs

Shift Delete = Deletes files and programs permanently (Warning!!! Be very careful with this one)

Can you believe you can do so much with just a few function keys and the Ctrl and Atl keys? What a time-saver! Tomorrow we will cover shortcuts for Microsoft Word, so be sure to check back.…

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No More Chaos With a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

No More Chaos With a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

In the computing world, Microsoft is well known for essence. The Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse combo selection is explicitly no different. Envisage chucking away all the wires clogging up your valuable work space.

With all the multi integrated gaming platforms these days, a wireless keyboard and mouse is a must. No more people walking through tripping over your cords and ripping your console out of their sockets. Lounge back on the couch, surf the Internet or game away in pure luxury.

The Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse has a 28 feet range. The keyboards are built and designed for high comfort.

Amazon is an incredible online store that offers both brand new and old Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse. They have honest customer reviews on their keyboards to help you commit oneself what’s right or wrong for you, all at fantastic prices, plus you have the option of buying new or old wireless keyboard and mouse.

Which Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse is the one for you?

Microsoft’s wireless entertainment desktop 8000 is the company’s best rechargeable back-lit keyboard and mouse set. Networking is made straight out of the box. The wireless keyboard has 4 USB ports so that you can download images from your camera or plug in your thumb drives.

The keyboard has back-lit keys that comes on automatically when the lighting is low. Also to it’s many programmable hot-keys, the keyboard has a distance sensor that turns on before you hit the keys.

The mouse that you get with the container has a legitimate brushed aluminum finish that looks amazingly splendid. The mouse has a four way scrolling technology that presents both poise and accuracy while doing your work or play. It is drop-dead smooth and can be used on most surfaces.

Microsoft’s wireless laser 6000 has a translucent polished racetrack border bringing politeness to your desk. Although the batteries are not rechargeable, the wireless keyboard + mouse does have extended battery life, up to seven months usage. It works with both PC and Apples.

For you clumsy people out there the Microsoft wireless desktop 3000 is the one. The keyboard has channels that drain any liquid spilt on it, making it fully spill resistant. It also has effective hot keys that instantaneously bring up any programmed sites.

Customer Reviews

Microsoft’s wireless entertainment desktop 8000 – The hot-keys works great, it’s very low profile making it feel like a laptop.

Microsoft’s wireless laser 6000 – I saved more than 50% off from other computer shops, wireless is fantastic, amazing range and super quiet keys.

Microsoft wireless desktop 1000 – The keyboard is sturdy and built quality is top notch. It is very good for fast typing.…