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1327 Error Fix – How to Fix the 1327 Error When Trying to Install Microsoft Office

1327 Error Fix – How to Fix the 1327 Error When Trying to Install Microsoft Office

The 1327 error is a big problem for millions of computers which want to install Microsoft Office. The error shows when the installer cannot access the hard drive that is required – preventing the installation of the program from occurring correctly. If you’re seeing this error, it suggests that there’s either a problem with your user profile or with some registry settings that control the installation process on your PC.

This error normally shows in this format:

Error 1327. Invalid Drive: C:\

Installation ended prematurely because of an error.

The main cause of this problem is that Windows has a corrupt set of settings telling it which hard drive to use for the installation process. Each time you use your computer to install a program, it’s continually reading a series of files & settings from the “registry” to help it decide which folders to install into, and where to place the new files on your system. The two main issues affecting the installation of Office are that the ‘registry’ of your PC is damaged, or that your system’s hard drives are now labelled a new letter and are consequently difficult for your system to read.

The first step to fixing this error is to use the “Disk Administrator” tool in your PC to ensure that the hard drive of your system is labelled correctly. This tool is in-built into the Control Panel of your system, and is basically used to help Windows determine the various hard drives you may have on your system. It may be the case that the hard drive you want to install to has had its “label” / “letter” changed over the time you’ve had your PC – leading Windows to get confused about how to use it. You should load up the Disk Administrator program, right click on your various hard drives and then assign the correct letter to them.

After you’ve used the Disk Administrator program, you should also then use a tool called a “registry cleaner” to make sure that there are no errors / problems inside the registry of your system. The registry is a central database that all Windows computers use to help them “remember” a large number of files & settings that your system requires to run. It’s basically a central storage facility for everything from your desktop wallpaper to your most recent emails, allowing Windows to recall all the settings it requires. The only problem is that the registry is often used so much that it’s continually being damaged & corrupted every time Windows uses it. This not only causes a lot of inconsistencies inside the database, but is also the main cause for the majority of strange errors that Windows shows. In order to fix this, you should use a registry cleaner tool to scan through your PC and fix the various errors it has inside.…

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What You Need To Know About Visual Studio 2010

What You Need To Know About Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2010 Test Edition, developed by Microsoft, is an integrated tool for developers as they design, develop and proof their development code. The process of Plan-Test-Track simplifies the developer’s job by allowing them to test and track the processes of a web site as the plan develops. Microsoft helps teams get up to speed with online training, available 24/7, ensuring the success of collaborations worldwide with Visual Studio 2010.

The best element of Visual Studio 2010 Test Edition is its historical debugging program, IntelliTrace. Debugging must be accomplished before the application can be launched successfully. State changes are often the trouble, but to pinpoint it and insert a break point for a line of code is tedious and time consuming. With IntelliTrace, an examination of the execution history discloses which line of code needs modification. Full call tracing can be turned on or off as needed through the Options menu, otherwise IntelliTrace is always on by default. Test Manager can also generate IntelliTrace files to attach fully debugged log files with their bug reports.

Testing Tools make it easier to view the relationships between layers and classes by drilling down, filtering and exporting to interactive class diagrams. The layer diagram displays dependency validation for a better understanding of inter-layer dependencies which occur if not given attention on separation problems. The creation of UML diagrams is a common tool for Team Foundation Server work projects.

Test templates include:

• Basic Unit

• Coded UI

• Database Unit

• Generic

• Load

• Web Performance

• Unit

• Ordered

Test and Lab Manager Features

Microsoft Visual Studio Test Pro has proofing and lab management features that make testing intuitive and efficient. As the tests are performed, code is debugged. And MVS keeps developers and other project members on the same page, effectively collaborating and moving projects forward.

Lab Management encompasses the entire testing process of application code with a full suite of management tools to allow management a virtual environment setup and teardown features plus checkpoint environments.

Integrated testing tools, the core of Visual Studio, ensure quality code is delivered as the project undergoes testing. The integrated testing features included are:

• Case Management

• Manual Execution

• Manual Record and Playback

• Lab Management Configuration

Additional Features of Microsoft Visual Studio

Application Lifecycle Management, ALM, help development teams to successfully build applications efficiently. ALM encourages collaboration and communication of all participants with its visible status reports of benchmarks, obstacles and triumphs and resolutions. ALM delivers a high-quality solution for decreasing costs and increasing production.

Team Foundation Server, TFS, is vital for the application lifecycle management solution by automating and streamlining the software development process. TFS also provides tracing and visibility of the progress of the project for all team members.

A full subscription of Microsoft Development Network, MSDN, is included with the purchase of Visual Studio. MSDN is an online subscription to a pipeline of software, services and support for development and testing projects. A subscription includes training, support and access to information for development and testing.…

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Fable Legendary Weapons

Fable Legendary Weapons

Fable is the revolutionary video game from Big Blue Box where you play the role of a young boy whose actions in the world change how the other characters in the world treat you, and how you character develops. In the game you have the choice of making moral decisions at different points during the game. You usually have a very clear choice of either doing ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Both decisions will change how the game and your character develops, and give the game an amazing amount of flexibility and replay-value.

The game is set in what most people would call ‘Medieval times’ (as most role-playing games are), and most of the weapons in the game are suited to that era. You need to use weapons to fight against your enemies, and as expected, some weapons are better than others.

In Fable, legendary weapons are one of the biggest secrets of the game. Their presence is mysterious and mythical, and it is up to the player to discover their secret whereabouts’. The actual term for these weapons is ‘Fable legendary weapons’, and most of them can be found by completing a side quest or will be given to you depending on the path you take through the game.

The most powerful of all these Fable legendary weapons is the ‘Sword of Aeons’, which has a damage power of 550. The sword is similar to that of the legendary Excalibur in that it is a long sword. To gain this weapon you must choice as many evil moral decisions as you can. The sword will then be presented to you in the chamber of fates. Fable 2 has since been released which also contains its own selection of legendary weapons.…

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Samsung Omnia 7 – Providing The Best Of Both In Terms Of Style And Functionality

Samsung Omnia 7 – Providing The Best Of Both In Terms Of Style And Functionality

Samsung has recently released the Omnia 7, arguably one of its most impressive Smartphones to date. It was released along with five other handsets from various manufacturers to showcase the new Windows Phone 7 operating system from Microsoft.

The Samsung Omnia 7 boasts the best of both worlds which comes to both style and functionality. It’s a great looking phone with a sleek, modern appearance which is sure to turn heads. In terms of its features and specifications, you will not be disappointed. A 5 mega-pixel digital camera with HD video capture, 4 inch super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 8 GB of internal storage and Wi-Fi Internet browsing is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Samsung Omnia 7 is a great phone for multimedia enthusiasts; There is a versatile internal media player which supports numerous music and video file formats, whilst additional entertainment features include a stereo FM radio player and a selection of pre-installed games (along with access to a library of downloadable games). Social networking integration is an important aspect of many new Smartphones, and the Samsung Omnia 7 delivers the goods with a dedicated Facebook application.

As well as entertainment features, this handset comes with a number of useful productivity tools, which make the Samsung Omnia 7 the ideal Smartphone for the busy professional who needs to stay connected and productive when out of the office. A handy organiser, voice memo recorder and a Microsoft Office document viewer/editor are included as standard.

An impressive 5 mega pixel digital camera is located on the back of the handset. With an LED flash and Autofocus included as standard, it takes great quality snapshots and also boasts the ability to shoot high definition video in 720p quality at 25 fps. A handy hinged metal kickstand surrounds the lens and flash on the back of the phone, allowing users to stand the phone on any flat surface, where they can enjoy rich content on the screen in landscape mode thanks to the built in accelerometer.

The Samsung Omnia 7 offers a great Internet browsing experience, with the initial connection provided by 3G coverage thanks to an HSDPA connection providing speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps. An enhanced browsing experience is offered by Wi-Fi connectivity which allows users to take advantage of local wireless Internet routers, whenever they have the appropriate access details. Bluetooth and micro USB are also included and allow users to connect the handset to compatible hardware devices wirelessly and directly respectively.

A comprehensive 8GB of internal storage is provided as standard. This is ample to store thousands of files, be they music tracks, video clips or documents.

The new Microsoft Windows Phone 7 operating system provides an easy to use yet powerful user interface, with a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor providing ample computing power under the hood.

The Samsung Omnia 7 is the perfect all rounder, offering appeal to those looking for an entertainment/multimedia device, or a Smartphone to keep them productive in the workplace. As an added bonus, it’s appealing aesthetic style means the handset looks set to be a winner.…

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Learn All About OneNote

Learn All About OneNote

Microsoft has perfected the Microsoft Office Suite with a variety of great applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. These applications have become staples in the lives of students, employees, and homeowners all over the world.

Overtime Microsoft has managed to slip some newer applications like Groove, InfoPath, and One Note into the mix. OneNote has managed to stand out as one of the more popular applications, but many people still may not know what it is about.

Defining OneNote 9

OneNote 9 has been described as a free-form information gathering tool. Was this equates to is a program that allows users to gather up all of their notes from a variety of different sources. Most people are using the program to copy things from the internet, but that is only scratching the surface. OneNote allows users to copy handwritten text, clippings, and pictures into this program. The program automatically saves the content as it is added.

Who Uses OneNote 9?

The program has not become a standard in the workplace, but many employees are finding it helpful for certain tasks. People that travel and have business meetings can actually layout the details of their trip thanks to the multiple tabs. This application is also helpful for writers that may need to divide content between chapters for a novel that is in the making. The program is particularly helpful for anyone that needs to constantly switch back and forth between documents.

People that have been accustomed to Microsoft Word will probably shy away from the OneNote program in the beginning. In time, however, many users will see the added benefit that comes with using one note. Cooks, for example, will find that it is much easier to keep recipes and organize them with OneNote. Teachers may also use the OneNote program to organize their lesson plans.

Anyone who likes to organize related content will find OneNote helpful. The ability to group similar content saves PC users lots of time.

What Is One Note 9 Used For?

There are a growing number of users that find OneNote very useful. Lots of bloggers may find it helpful to use the OneNote program. They can divide up the content before they post things on their blogs with the different tabs contained in OneNote.

Students that are doing research are also in favor of this application. College and high school students will find the program is extremely helpful because it allows them to save lots of content in different tabs. Once they give the tab a description they will have all the different content in one collaborative document. This is so much easier than opening tons of Microsoft Word documents to view each file.…

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Can Windows Phone 7 Apps Compete?

Can Windows Phone 7 Apps Compete?

Microsoft Windows new Phone 7 is the talk of the town these days. With so many competitors’ smart phones already on the market, Microsoft is trying hard to get their share of the action. It’s pretty obvious from all the hype in the media that this smart phone is quite an amazing piece of technology. Yet, when we compare it to the standards set by competitors like the iPhone 4 and Android, it’s apparent that much of the success (or failure) of a new smart phone is dependent on the power of its applications.

A common question being asked is, “What applications are pre-installed on the Windows phone 7?” It does come pre-loaded with basics like email, calendar, and an internet browser, and social networking app tiles that update automatically on your home screen, so Twitter and Facebook are never far away.

A great advantage to this new Microsoft product is its easy organization. No getting lost in a miscellaneous grid scheme. The Windows Phone 7, much like the HTC Mozart – will organize applications into their respective ‘hub’ locations. Microsoft expects this will make applications easier to locate, with photo applications in the photo hub, music applications in the music hub and favorites on the home screen, for example.

The Microsoft Marketplace has promised to do its best to categorize the store for straightforward browsing and will be making new applications prominent on a regular basis to keep you up to date. Although they already have just around 4000 apps available, they have an uphill battle ahead of them to stay in the apps frenzy. Compared to 300,000 apps for the iPhone 4 and about 100,000 for Android, the Windows 7 Phone marketplace has some catching up to do. To their credit, Microsoft is encouraging growth by providing free application development tools to anyone wanting to develop an app for their marketplace, so they may get there sooner than you think.

While Microsoft is known primarily for its popular Office Software Suites, they are also top notch in gaming; therefore we can’t ignore the gaming factor for these phones. Xbox games and even more importantly Xbox live games are available on these new mobile marvels, which is something none of the other smart phones can claim at this point. This provides the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 with a distinct edge.

Although Microsoft and its Windows Phone 7 devices have some work to do to catch up in the apps markets, they are definitely not backing down. With visual and organizational features like hubs for easy app location, automatic social network updating, and the Xbox live games, they are only going to gain ground, which means they stand a real chance at being a key player in the race to the best smart phone.…

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How the Drudgery of the Numbers Will Make You Free

How the Drudgery of the Numbers Will Make You Free

Numbers are symbols, very much like words, with their own intrinsic simple meanings when they stand alone. When in context with other numbers they become far more complex and meaningful. What is often not realized is the extent to which insights can be made regarding the ins and outs of you business by having insight into the accounting details of your business.

In business, numbers are the symbols by which you measure the various activities of an individual enterprise or combination of enterprises which make up the parent corporation. When you add and subtract all the numbers, you come up with the well- known ‘bottom line’: the profit or loss that your business is making on your profit-and-loss statement. That’s very simple, but to establish whether you did better or worse you need to look at the figures in “relative” terms.

If your business shows a profit of $10 million for the year, is that good or not so good? That depends upon the context of that $10 million. Did you earn $8 million or $12 million the year before? Did you earn $10 million on sales of $40 million or $400 million? Your insight is now increased by relating the numbers to other numbers.

The meaning of numbers, like that of words, can only be comprehended in relationship to one another. When I read sets of numbers, you should always translate them into meaningful percentage differences. Thus, if $100 million in sales dropped by $10 million, I know that sales dropped 10 per cent. If $50,000 in sales of another division decreased by $10,000, it tells me the drop was 20 per cent. Even though this division lost less money than the first, I immediately recognize that it is probably in deeper trouble than the division that lost $10 million in sales.

I can therefore identify the areas of the business needing more attention. The figures tell me that I had better look behind those numbers and find out what is happening there.

The numbers are not the business; they are only pictures of the business, but most people think of accounting as providing dry data that is dry and boring. They do not realize that if you become literate in the language of accounting you can be set free by getting an in-depth picture of the organization and this carries the secret of management information used to proactively manage your business.

The difference between well-managed companies and badly run companies is the degree of attention they pay to the numbers and how well they are capable of interpreting the numbers and how effectively they can predict how to apply the available resources.

Make sure you know the vocabulary of accounting to the extent that you can read them like a book. You will then get freedom though the numbers.

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