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The New Microsoft Office 2010

The New Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 is the latest version (as of this writing) of Microsoft’s office suite of programs which include Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and Excel. All of these new programs will work in most web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, but they will not work in the Opera operating system.

This latest version of Microsoft Office became available to the public in June of 2010 and is the first version of Office were the volume license editions require a product key code for activation.

Microsoft has enhanced the features of this new version that give the product plenty to be excited about. There were three things that Microsoft focused on most. First of all, they have made it so that work flows are much more efficient and secondly, they have integrated the programs to work online through most browsers so that your work can be available to you anywhere in the world and third, they have made collaboration with other people’s work much easier than it ever was before.

According to Microsoft, the new Office 2010 will now allow you to not only use your PC, but also your phone and the internet to adjoin your projects more efficiently. Though Google Docs has been the number one online spread sheet creator, the new 2010 web browser integrated Excel might just give Google Docs a run for it’s money.

The Ribbon, a program that Microsoft introduced in the 2007 version of Office, continues to keep the features you use most at the top of the page you are working on, but in the new 2010 version, you will be able to access the Ribbon in every application in the Suite with tabs and features relevant to the context of your work to ensure that you get the most out of each program.

For example, in Microsoft Outlook you can quickly create team meetings, choose a folder to move your threads to and forward messages with subjects that have been previously created to the recipients you specify.

In the Excel program, you can access formulas by simply flipping through tabs, insert charts and diagrams and import data quickly from sources you connect to. It is very handy to be able to access the functions you use most with such ease, and Microsoft has clearly done it’s research in making the most out of the Ribbons of each application.…

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Tips On How To Spot The Best Engineering Schools

Though challenging, engineering has proved to be so enjoyable and with huge rewards. Either for rewarding or fun purposes, you can be sure that this field will perfectly meet these needs. However, the bone of contention is in coming up with the best decision on which engineering school you will attend. This is so because a number of colleges offering these trainings are as many as the courses on the same category. By having a close look at the points below, you will have the potential of selecting the best school for your study.
The most important point to reckon with will be locating the particular course you would want to take. It stands out since different schools provide different courses and by you knowing which course to pursue, you will have a vivid path way to choose the right college. You will land into a school that has a good reputation on that section of engineering, only if you understand the course perfectly. This will help your search be limited to only specific colleges offering the course and at this point in time, you ought to have made up your mind whether you will be pursuing a Bachelor engineering or a bachelor Diploma engineering.
The credibility and reputation of the college is another aspect worth considering. Giving an institution you have chosen a test on its credibility will help you ascertain whether its presence is on any basis of previous academic performance or not. You should not down play the existence of institutions that have a sole purpose of making money yet compromising their service delivery.
It is also recommendable to have an extensive probing on what the institution stands for before you make any enrollment. As a section of test on the credibility of the institution, you can check if there is any link existing between it and the outside world. This is important because in cases where you will need internships or attachments, they might refer you to potential and reliable employers. You can also find out the number of students signing up to the institution and estimate the criteria of their entry.
Another important feature to know is its verification. Knowing the body that certified their services will boost your confidence in the service your will be able to access. There are recognized bodies that you might consider to check their approval when affirming the technology accreditation. By keenly scrutinizing the legitimacy of the institution, you will avoid falling into the hands of money launderers who set institutions to get free money from unsuspecting prospective students.
The facilities and equipments used by the college to conduct their training is something to pay attention to. Ensure that their training is at par with the modern technology which is highly advanced and relevant for the expertise available in the market today. By ensuring that the channel you select has the ability of depicting the utilization of highly technical tools, and make you shift with bachelor of technology, your presence in the market will be highly esteemed.
Since many institutions provide a diversity of courses that might be a hindrance to your channel of career, it will be essential for you to know if the institution limits itself to offering only your course or not. The number of classmates you will have is also something to reckon with. This is so because when you are few in a class, you stand a higher chance of receiving much attention from your tutors.
Lastly, note that it is true that being in an engineering field you will experience enormous satisfaction. Understand that a great influence in this field will emanate from the kind of training you acquired from a reputable engineering school. By considering the above hints, you are guaranteed on achieving your anticipated career fulfillment in an engineering establishment.…

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Lesser Known Tactics to Increase Microsoft SharePoint Performance

Lesser Known Tactics to Increase Microsoft SharePoint Performance

Directly out of the box, SharePoint possesses powerful tools to encourage and facilitate document sharing and data visualization. Unfortunately, not all of them arrive activated. Some quick and easy manipulation of a few basic settings can deliver increased SharePoint performance.

Regular SharePoint users will occasionally notice reduced performance due to the number of documents stored on servers. This number will grow along with the user base and frequency of use. It is common for those unfamiliar with the nature of high volume data storage to assume that, regardless of the amount of data being stored, the servers and the network can handle a limitless demand for bandwidth. A high level of storage and regular demand for access will certainly diminish overall performance. One way to limit the impact of all that activity would be to divide user and database traffic. This can be accomplished by separating front-end servers from SQL servers, either by separating physical servers or via virtual LAN’s. Isolating additional, specific kinds of traffic will help to improve performance; for example, adding a server dedicated to servicing search inquiries. This method is particularly effective at reducing traffic to front-end servers, often achieving a 70% reduction during index operations.

Monitoring automatic SQL activities can help improve performance. SQL grows a database at a predetermined percentage rate of total database size. During these growth cycles, new data is incapable of being saved. Customizing the regularity of the growth cycles can increase performance according to the specific needs of the servers. Planning for regular defragmenting will also improve response time. These events need to be planned ahead of time as they preclude the writing of any new data during the defragmenting process.

Caching the most commonly accessed data and documents so they are pulled from memory will reduce calls to the databases and increase speed for less frequent searches. It’s also important to divide up cache access for different users. Those who require larger cache profiles can have access to everything they need, maintaining high performance levels for all users while not allowing the caches to become bloated. Caching large files or other documents to be displayed on community web pages can make accessing the page for all users.

In the end, SharePoint developers have a huge number of options and settings to adjust, either drastically or incrementally, to improve SharePoint performance. The individual user permissions can be altered for the benefit of that particular user, or central options can be shifted to improve the experience of every user. Out of the box, SharePoint does a great job helping a team stay on the same page. Customizing some small, lesser-known settings, however, can provide optimal performance available for a business.…

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5 Ways of Managing Microsoft Outlook 2007 for Better Time Management

5 Ways of Managing Microsoft Outlook 2007 for Better Time Management

It is all about making things easier when it comes to an e-mail application like Microsoft Outlook 2007. This version of Outlook is designed to serve as a tool for time management as well as provide user friendly features. Its features are useful for daily usage and do not require special skills or even understanding of Microsoft Outlook. An average user who wishes to implement steps for improving time management and saving time in reading, constructing and answering e-mails can easily apply these.

Here are the 5 most common easy to apply tips with which the user can manage time:

Calendar and Contact Management

Microsoft Outlook provides the user with various easy to use functions to manage the Calendar and Contacts. These are powered by various useful add-nos that are helpful in managing time well. You can utilize the calendars to store important appointments. Whether it is a public or private appointment it can be categorized and displayed accordingly. You can also use the Management tool. The calendar feature in Outlook is combined with add-ins as well to manage time.

Color-Coded Categories

You can start by using color-coded categories. You can assign different colors for categories. This would make each category unique and therefore easy to identify. This can be done for various appointments that are scheduled. For example, you can color green for doctor’s appointment, red for meeting with boss and blue for a family gathering. This way you will be able to distinguish different appointments falling on same or different days of the calendar.

Microsoft Project Add-In

Users of Microsoft Project can easily set up ‘Synchronization’. Microsoft Outlook can be synchronized with Microsoft Project Web Access accounts. This is yet another add-in. it is capable of providing updates. The user has full freedom to import and update the project details. This includes project related assignments and tasks.

Use Reminders

It is essential to make use of reminders when you have several appointments, meetings or tasks that require immediate attention. In order to be able to keep a check upon various appointments and scheduled tasks it is essential to set a reminder. This reminder can be set up with a sound or a visual alert that will remind you about the specific task. This can also be set in advance depending upon the importance of the event. You can choose to set an alert as per your schedule.

Appointment Privacy

You can utilize Microsoft Outlook for work and personal purposes as well. It is user friendly and offers the freedom to segregate e-mails. It helps in creating privacy options for the user. By utilizing this option you can choose to set in filters for professional as well as personal e-mails. The user can easily set up viewing options that will categorize personal and professional e-mails. The other users of Outlook will not be able to view the details. For example, if you specify an appointment as private and set the view priority then other users will not be able to view the details.

Utilizing above given tips for setting various options in Outlook 2007 may sound tricky and complicated at times. So, it is advisable to seek computer support and ask the technical expert to guide you through each step.…

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Microsoft Trainings: A Systematic Approach for Improving Workforce Productivity

Microsoft Trainings: A Systematic Approach for Improving Workforce Productivity

Knowledge of various Microsoft courses is extremely significant in every job profile these days. Company’s productivity results are broadly based on the efficiency and knowledge of its workforce. The high efficiency level of the workforce depends broadly on diverse credential and IT skill of each professional in every imaginable field. Starting from retail stores, refineries, car dealerships and hospitals to other core industries, the fidelity on software and other IT skills has increased tremendously. Among others, Microsoft trainings are the most useful and widely integrated in organizations, as a part of their workforce enhancement planning.

Employees these days, look forward to learn new software application to increase their efficiency and improve their employability. Hence, Microsoft trainings, incorporated by the organizations are the need of the hour. Not only, trainings increase the long term benefit of the organization by increasing the productivity but also, reduce the attrition rate in the company. On top of it, trainings give complete job satisfaction to the employees.

Productivity of a company largely depends upon the overall efficiency of its workforce. Workforce planning hence is the key criteria to enhance the quality of work and increase productivity. IT trainings being a part of a workforce planning strategies, organizations rely on these types of Microsoft trainings and send their key personnel to attend these trainings to gain expertise in several IT areas. In this way businesses gains best by the enhanced credentials of its employees.

It is imperative in an organization to have a structured, managed and a well-maintained plan to impart Microsoft trainings to its workforce. Microsoft products are widely instrumental in day to day operations in the company’s computer network. Well delivered trainings are the best assurance for a company to realize that the team is well-equipped to stand out, in this ever growing IT market.

Another benefit to impart in-house or company sponsored Microsoft training is that, it saves the cost of hiring new staff at regular intervals in the organization. Besides, it helps a lot to retain tenured and invaluable staff in an organization. These trainings evolve the existing employees and make them industry ready with every newly launched technology.

There are various Microsoft trainings that can be incorporated in an organization. The most obvious training, generic to everybody is trainings on Microsoft Office products. Some occupants may find only Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel trainings beneficial. A program which is high in demand and slightly advance in nature is Microsoft SQL Server, with the expanding network systems, the demand for database administrators equipped with latest credentials are increasing.…